My Trips

Russia – Central Asia – Iran (2019)

First big hitchhiking trip with my dog Corey. 5 months, 33ooo km and 19 countries specialy in Central Asia. Trip full of fuck-ups. But the people in this part of the world are awesome. Renting a donkey in Tajikistan and lot of crazy thinks around.

Africa – The experience !! (2017 – 2018)

Slavek Kral is experienced traveler, he made two trips around the world by hitchhiking and spent at least half a year on every continent.

Well, if you give the co-organizer LowCost Race challenges from previous years, do not be embarrassed.

How to stop a plane, ship, police car, horses or drug dealers? What is it like when you are surround with 200 elephants in safari? How challenging can Mauritius be by taking a bike? How to sleep in Maasai village? How to get to a local wedding? How to get to TV? How to overcome malaria? What to do in Kibera (slam)? How to get to the school theater festival? How do you persuade children to roll themselves and sing the Czech anthem?

Volunteering at 7 different locations, lightning, bungee jumping or driving ferry and truck. Brutal lowcost travel to meet the local cultures will make you experience a video public talk that will motivate you to go right now and get to know the world.

Half a year of hitchhiking, volunteering and camping across 14 African countries. Slavek Kral travels differently and his incredible stories will definitely get you.

second TRIP AROUND THE WORLD by hitchhiking (2015-2016)

Part 1: Europe
Part 2: Central America
Part 3: South America
Part 4: Asia

On his second trip around the world, we will visit 36 ​​countries in, we will hitchhike over 40,000 km in more than 500 cars, we will try to work in seven places, see 7 Wonders of the World, 4 Mayan pyramids and 4 pyramids of the Incas, we will sandboarding, get to the hospital of third world, 2x cross the border illegally, dance at Rio de Janeiro carnival, sleep in yurt, church, Buddhist temple or at 5,000 m above sea level, be faster than Dakar Rally, bark by scorpion, longboat Camino de Santiago, we’ll lose ourselves in the desert and in the jungle, hitchhike two horses, a tractor, a bus, three ambulances, five police cars and a famous Kyrgyz actor, taste a lama and donkey, ride a bike on the North Korean border, become a teacher of English and the hostel manager, we’ll see the pandas, we’ll squat the police station (twice), and beat Armenians in alcohol. Here we shoot 13,000 photos, record 2,400 videos and spend less than 3 000€.

Australia and Tasmania (2014-2015)

Hitchhike more than 10,000 km.
Some of my volunteering / work: Home help, roof construction, organic farm, palm transplantation, making trips in the jungle, chicken farm, a painter, Beekeeper, Assistance in the garden, washing dishes.

Trip around the world (2013 – 2014)

Czech Republic – Japan – Malaysia – Thailand – Taiwan – New Zealand – Hawaii – Mexico – USA – Canada – USA – Iceland – Belgium – Netherlands – Germany – Bohemia

New Zealand – Working Holiday (2012 – 2013)

Some of my work: collecting kiwi, Selling hummus, in kiwi packhouse, stables with horses,Mikes organic brewery, Milking cows, on vineyards, on the farm, cleaning of the toilets, gardener, washing cars.

Turkey (2011 – 2012)

Half a year in Turkey as an Erasmus student.