More than 200 public talks for more than 30 000 people – DONE!

Slavek Kral has been travelling for 9 years. During that time, he was half a year in Turkey, a year in New Zealand, a year on his way around the world, then he had gone to Australia for half a year, then he made a second trip around the world and then traveled half a year in Africa. His last trip was thru Russia, Central Asia and Iran for half a year. This trip was by hitchhiking with his dog Corey.

He does not need a lot of money, he travels by hitchhiking, camping, and likes volunteering. As he likes to say: “The world is a safe place to live, and it’s definitely not what they talked on TV. I have traveled over 300,000 km in 86 countries and 21 states in the US, and people keep telling me it’s dangerous. ”

You can follow him on facebook, instagram and youtube.

Slavek also organizes Travel stand-up festival and wrote his first book “King of hitchhiking” (only in Czech language now, but looking for translation soon).


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