Travel stand-ups festival

travel festival 29. – 31. 3. 2019 Káznice Brno

Traveler’s festival focused on motivation to travel and develop in personal life. Special guests will show you how to do things differently and get you to take a backpack on your back and experience one of the greatest adventures in your life.
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💁 Monika Benešová – Pacific Crest Trail
🚜 Tomík on the road – From Bangkok traveling back home in TukTuk
👍 Slávek Král – Africa by hitchhiking
🚁 Hana Machalová – Guide to Smart Travel
🚗 LADA Svetom – Southeast Asia
🌎 Pavel Svoboda – Across South America
🇰🇵 Vladimir Váchal – North Korea and Iran
🛩 LowCost Travel: How to travel Europe for a few bucks!
🕌 Honza Macháček – India with Lada Svetom and
🐻 TlelkaMadventure – 25 crazy experiences that have changed my life.
🙏 Kravaťáci (Tomáš Knot and Petr Vacek) – Do not make a big thing about traveling, or how to live fully at home too!
🏕 Boris Vanka – Low Budget travel through Caucasus
🐕 Corey The Travel Dog

full festival for 400, –
only Saturday 250, –
only Sunday 250, –

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