My Exhibition

More than 300 pictures from 6 continents. This exhibition called “two TRIPS AROUND THE WORLD by hitchhiking”

the exhibition includes:
5x printed textil 3 × 1 meter
4x collage of photos A0 on the hood
5x information and stories A0 or A1 on kappa
30x best A3 photos on kappa
in Pilsen we also had a rental showcase and television where was hourly video loop of my travels

information about my exhibition:
The installation is simple, the canvas is on a wooden railing and the kappa pictures have a double-sided Velcro fastener that gently sticks to the wall

Vernissage and lecture is a matter of course

19.1. 2017 – 20.3. 2017 in DEPO2015, Pilsen
1.5. 2017 – 29.7. 2017 at the Expedition club, Brno

poster exhibition here
a few photos from the exhibition and the first public talk